$90mm Venture Capital Manager

The Agile Fund Solutions team helped us launch our venture capital fund, dealing with everything from our documents, establishing accounts, overseeing our capital calls, preparing quarterly financial statements and investor statements and quarterbacking the yearend audit and tax engagements. They took the time to handhold me through all of the intricacies of what it takes to operate a venture capital fund and we view them as more of an extension of our firm versus an outsourced CFO solution.

$250mm to $500mm Equity Long/Short Fund Manager

I was fortunate to have seen an outsourced back and middle office at my previous firm, so we have always been a big advocate of the Agile model and platform. The Agile model exceeded my expectations and prior experiences. Agile helped us launch three years ago with a modest $13 million in AUM, which have grown exponentially as we approach our goal in managing ½ billion. During our ramp the Agile team was an integral part of our organization and a very high touch partner to our business. They added appropriate support to our team as we scaled, helping to launch new products, adding and managing multiple prime brokers, on-boarding and implementing a front to back internal portfolio accounting system, and developing our internal and external transparency reporting. Most importantly, Agile helped us pass numerous institutional operational due diligence (ODD) exams, demonstrating and articulating how they work within our organization and maintain best practices and industry standard controls across all spectrums of our operational processes. Our partnership with Agile works so well because our interests are aligned. We both aspire to build and operate our businesses at the highest level.

Over $1.5 billion Multi-strategy Fund Manager

We operate two sets of Master Feeders, various stand-alone partnerships as well as SMAs. With over 1.5B under management and a team focused on the operations and accounting for the funds, we wanted to outsource to an expert that could handle the intricacies of our overall management company. The AFS team provides us a CFO and Controller that not only gives us piece of mind for our management company but also helps with one off requests regarding our diverse investment products. From handling invoices, payroll, cash maintenance, financial reporting as well as our recent audit requirement, they are attentive to the details and work as if a member of our own team. With a stable of CPA’s that mostly have buy side experience the AFS team is able to answer questions off the top of their head, research anything needed, and think of our business as an extension of their own.